New Wilson 2023 collection, the renewed Bela range

New Wilson 2023 collection, the renewed Bela range

For all padel fans, the new Wilson collection arrives, with innovative technologies and attractive designs, this leading brand in the market continues to bet on excellence and performance to satisfy the needs of all players.

The well-known brand launches a very complete catalog with very varied models, perfectly meeting the expectations in its different series such as Bela, Ultra, padel racket and Pro Staff and thus being able to cover all the needs for all profiles of the different levels and types of game.

Analysis Wilson padel racket 2023

This season Wilson presents a complete catalog of Bela rackets, designed for Fernando Belasteguín, one of the best padel players of all time, who presents in this new stage a wide variety of models to adapt to all player profiles. You can see in detail the description of each of these models in our video New Collection of Wilson Rackets 2023.

Wilson Bela Pro V2 2023

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Game: Power
  • Weight: 360-375

We start with the new Bela racket , perfect for offensive players , those who seek power, strength and forcefulness. It presents a diamond format with high balance , which translates into very good performance in the passing game.

It presents a carbon construction and 3K fabric for the faces, making the touch drier and harder. It has a high-density eva rubber core, so it is a hard racket with which we will print our blows with speed. Finally, it incorporates Spin Effect Grip technology for effects as well as a replaceable safety rope.

Wilson Bela Pro V2 LT 2023

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Game: Power
  • Weight: 355-365

It is the lightest of the Bela series , weighing around 355 grams. A power racket created for advanced players due to its diamond shape and balance at the top, as well as a hard touch to exert more force on the ball.

It is made of carbon, with a reinforced bridge that improves the stability of the entire structure. In addition, the core is made of high-density Eva rubber, which does not give off as much but allows us to print speed to the ball. It also has a rough embossed surface to hit with more effect.

Wilson Bela Elite V2 2023

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Game: Power
  • Weight: 360-370

It maintains the same diamond format and high balance, but it is not as hard to the touch, making it a more manageable racket. It also presents a 100% carbon composition with a rough texture on the planes.

It is characterized by its lighter weight, approximately 10 grams less than previous models, with which you will enjoy great manageability. On the other hand, it has been manufactured with a medium-density eva rubber core, a little softer that gives it a greater sweet spot and a better ball output.

Wilson Bela Team V2 2023

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Game: Power
  • Weight: 360-370

To end the series, the Bela Team is available, the most manageable of all. It is designed for mid-level players who are looking for power but also a softer touch.

It is made of fiberglass and soft eva rubber, so it generates a more comfortable hit and greater ball output without using a lot of force.

Wilson Ultra Pro V2 2023

The new Ultra Pro V2 offers all the power you need plus great performance on the trail . Perfect for advanced and intense players in their game since it presents a diamond format with high balance , resulting in a technical racket although the roughness of the planes allows us to have more contact with the ball.

It features a carbon construction, reinforcing the frame with Infinity Edge technology, a concave design that increases the sweet spot and gives the racket greater stability . In the core we find a rigid eva rubber, so it is a powerful and hard racket.

Wilson Ultra Elite 2023

To finish the series, the Ultra Elite is also available, a softer power racket that incorporates soft eva rubber in the core, which provides greater ball output and a softer hit . Maintains the diamond format with high balance as well as rough planes.

Carbon has been used for the structure, making it a fairly solid racket. In addition, with Infinity Edge technology, its sweet spot and stability are improved. It is a revolutionary concave design along the edge of the padel racket.

Finally, the Wilson Ultra Team is also available, made of fiberglass for mid-level players.


Wilson Pro Staff Tour V2 2023

It is the toughest in the series, since the materials used give it a drier touch , thus allowing us to hit shots with power close to the net. State-of-the-art carbon has been used for its construction as well as high-density eva rubber in the core.

Regarding its design, it presents a round mold with low balance , so it will forgive all our mistakes. It also incorporates a rough embossed surface as well as a sublime cuff and a new lacing design that provides a more comfortable grip. Without a doubt, it is a high-performance racket suitable only for advanced levels .

Wilson Pro Staff V2 2023

It is a model that stands out for its wide sweet spot since it presents a rounder mold combined with a balance close to the hand , so it allows you to direct the ball with ease , something that is appreciated when defending from it. track background.

For its construction, carbon has been used both in the frame and on the faces as well as a soft eva rubber inside, which generates a softer touch. You’ll also enjoy a more comfortable grip with the new sublime grip and adjustable lanyard . Finally, it presents a rough surface, which improves the effects on the ball.

Wilson Pro Staff LT V2 2023

It is a slightly lighter model, making it more manageable. It maintains the carbon construction, which gives it a strong and solid structure. It also has soft eva rubber to provide greater sensations when hitting.

Like the rest of the models in this series, it has a round format and low balance, so it is a control padel racket . The planes have also been finished with some relief, which will help us to give our shots more effect.

Wilson Pro Staff Elite 2023

In our opinion the Pro Staff Elite is a control racket for intermediate players as it is easier to play with. The impression is that it is a less technical racket, since it combines carbon in the structure and fiberglass in the planes, which generates a more elastic touch. Inside, soft eva rubber has been used, so you will enjoy a more comfortable touch and less vibrations. Finally, it has roughness, so you can print greater effects in all your shots.

Finally, the Pro Staff V2 Team version is available, the softest since it combines fiberglass as well as foam rubber inside , so we will have very good vibration absorption, an exceptional touch as well as fantastic playability.

Wilson Blade Pro V2 2023

  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Game: Polyvalent
  • Weight: 360-375

Available in 2 colors, a combination in gold and another in green. It maintains its great versatility due to its oversize shape with a medium balance , giving the advanced player the power and control he needs, with a lighter weight compared to the rest of the series.

It offers a softer hit, noticing the ball more at each impact and helping us to pass the ball to the opponent’s field with less effort since it bounces more. Finally, it is made of carbon and maintains the roughness of the Spin Effect Grip that you like so much.

Wilson Blade LT V2 2023

The little sister of the series, not because it changes its features but because it maintains the lightest weight, approximately 355 grams. Like the rest of the models, we define it as a versatile, very manageable padel racket that is suitable for both girls and boys.

It combines carbon in the frame and planes with soft eva rubber, so it is not a hard racket, so you will enjoy a great touch and good ball output. Finally, you can make incredible effects thanks to its embossed texture.

Wilson Blade Tour V2 2023

  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Game: Polyvalent
  • Weight: 360-375

One of the best versatile rackets on the market , designed in the shape of a teardrop and with a medium balance to perform at your best level from any area of the court. It has a carbon construction as well as high-density rubber, which gives it a hard touch so you can easily remove the ball.

Its wide sweet spot will help you correct off-center balls . Finally, it has a rough embossed surface, something that will help us give the ball more spin.

Wilson Blade Elite 2023

We end up with a very well compensated padel racket, the padel racket Elite. A light padel racket, since its weight is around 365 grams. Thanks to its oversize shape, it has a wide sweet spot and its medium balance will give us that extra power we need when hitting.

Like the rest of the models, it has a 100% carbon construction with soft eva rubber, so its touch is soft and provides a lot of sweetness to the touch. It also has roughness with which we will improve our topspin or cut blows. Finally, a less technical and cheaper version is available for intermediate players, the Wilson padel racket Team in fiberglass.

In short, the new collection of Wilson padel rackets for 2023 offers a wide variety of options for all players, with innovative technologies and attractive designs that seek to improve performance on the court and take your game to the next level.

Do not hesitate and bet on the quality and excellence of Wilson!


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