Babolat makes you play padel with the colors of Juan Lebrón in 2024

Babolat makes you play padel with the colors of Juan Lebrón in 2024

The ‘Wolf’ and Babolat continue their partnership into 2024 with a collection of rackets that guarantee maximum power and precision in every shot

Juan Lebrón once again makes his mark on the new exclusive 2024 Babolat padel collection, a year in which he will attempt to regain the top spot in a ranking he has dominated for the past three seasons.

The scene introduces the revamped models of the Technical Viper, Technical Veron, and Technical Vertuo, tailored to the characteristics of the Andalusian player, as well as accessories including shoes, sweatshirts, and racket bags, allowing you to feel just like Juan Lebrón both on and off the court.

New 2024 Babolat Juan Lebrón Padel Collection

Feel the power of the ‘Wolf’ in your hands with the renewed designs from Babolat

The prestigious French brand defines Juan Lebrón as an attacker with enviable technical ability and tactical sense, perfectly fitting the characteristics of the Technical range, whose rackets offer pinpoint power.

The three models with which the ‘Wolf’ will compete next season are designed to ensure maximum precision and comfort in each shot, so that you can focus solely on the game, just like the top players.

Babolat Technical Viper Juan Lebrón 2024

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Play: Power
  • Weight: 365 gram

The Technical Viper makes a renewed appearance after being one of the best-selling rackets last season. With a diamond shape and hard feel, it features soft and flexible fibers on the surface, providing great ball exit without too much effort in the strike.

Additionally, its HPS technology ensures the perfect distribution of holes according to the racket’s shape to increase precision in each shot, while the rough finish creates a devilish effect that will challenge opponents at the back of the court.

Babolat Technical Veron Juan Lebrón 2024

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Play: Power
  • Weight: 365 grams

Dynamic power and precision are guaranteed with this model designed to dominate the game near the net. Its diamond shape and hardness make it the perfect weapon for players looking to win the point with a powerful smash.

The Technical Veron features a fabric that blends carbon and glass on the surface for great ball exit. Additionally, it’s a very manageable racket that, like the rest of the ‘Wolf’s’ racket line, includes the Smart Buttcap system, allowing for the removal of the strap for extra customization.

Babolat Technical Vertuo Juan Lebrón 2024

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Play: Power
  • Weight: 355 grams

The Vertuo model is characterized by its explosiveness to enhance attacking shots in any game situation. With a diamond shape and a larger sweet spot, it’s a racket that rewards power even if the smashing technique isn’t the best.

Its core is composed of three different EVA layers that provide rigidity on the outside and a soft touch in the center, promoting good ball exit. Additionally, its 3D Spin technology allows for greater ball effect and control, bringing out the best in each player during volleys and smashes.


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