About us

Bringing the UAE padel courts, gear and skills

Because its inclusive
Because its social
Because its fun

Padel Ground was born in 2021 when the founders wanted to bring together friends and family through a game that's fit for all. They established a one stop padel shop, bringing the gear to your court.

At Padel Ground we bring you high quality outdoor padel facilities. Our courts present a secure and attractive playing field for the big and young. Considered one of the fastest growing sports, padel is known for its simplicity, social conversations, and uniqueness. So why don't you become a player in the game of the future, today!

To ensure your readiness, our shop offers a variety of brands and styles of padel gear. From the necessities to the accessories, we have all you need to possibly win a game!

Shop your gear and take it straight to the court for fun and exciting games.