Cross It arrives and aims to keep Martita Ortega at the top

Cross It arrives and aims to keep Martita Ortega at the top

Staying at the very top of the game, no matter which sport, requires the need to keep innovating and introducing cutting-edge technology to stay ahead. And as part of the 2024 padel racket collection, adidas has done just that with the unveiling of the new Cross It range - which includes Marta Ortega’s new racket - packed with many new updates aimed at keeping her among the world’s best.

The Cross It range includes three new rackets, and you may be wondering what the difference is between them. If you are, you’ve come to the right place to help answer your questions. In this post, we take a greater look at each of the rackets in this latest range that will be a huge hit among padel fans.

Cross It Light Marta Ortega: Made for the very best

Let’s begin with a look at the racket that will be used by Martita on tour over the next year - the Cross It Light Marta Ortega. The racket has been designed to meet the demands of competitive players seeking agility and maneuverability. Constructed with lightweight materials, this racket weighs just 345-360 grams, thereby offering exceptional handling without sacrificing power. Its specialized design, with a rounded head, aims to amplify speed and responsiveness while retaining control throughout, allowing players to swiftly react and execute shots with precision.

The racket has some recognizable technology that adidas has brought to the market before, such as Carbon Aluminized 24k and Structural Reinforcement for extra durability and strength. However, a key new feature to be unveiled is the Eleven 13, the arrangement of the holes that improves the durability and power capacity of the racket. Another new feature is the Extra Power Grip, meaning the grip of the racket is longer than usual, which impacts on the balance and allows the player to hit with extra power but not lose anything when it comes to control and comfort.

Cross It: Taking an attacking game to a new level

The Cross It stands out - not only for its bright orange head - but as a racket designed for professional level and advanced level padel players to enjoy an attack minded approach when they step on court. Crafted with high-quality materials, this racket boasts a carbon fiber frame, offering durability without compromising maneuverability on the court.

The diamond oversized head along with the balance being more towards the head of the racket guarantees extra power in your shots.

The Cross It is also packed full of wonderful technology and features that will take your game to the next level. The Dynamic Air Flow system allows for extra power due to the fact that air resistance is reduced in the neck area of the racket. It’s not all about power though - the Cross It also includes the Eleven 13 holes technology, something that can help get extra spin on your shots.

Adidas Cross It CTRL: A new way of controlling the court

For those who prefer a more controlled and precision-focused gameplay, the Cross It CTRL emerges as a top contender. The racket is a game-changer for players who master control and finesse. At its core lies the pinnacle of innovation: the Dynamic Air Flow, revolutionizing air circulation within the racket. This aerodynamic enhancement minimizes resistance, amplifies agility, and significantly boosts the racket's power output.

For the player to maintain control at all times, the racket integrates the Extra Power Grip—a lengthened grip that shifts the balance towards the racket's head. The fusion of Carbon Aluminized 15K fiber and EVA High Memory rubber concentrates superior stiffness, fortifying its capability. Additionally, the Eleven 13 technology adopts smaller-than-average holes in the head, enhancing the racket's durability significantly.

In essence, the Cross It CTRL isn't just a racket; it's a pioneering instrument designed to elevate control and power in padel. Its cutting-edge features redefine how players handle the game, setting a new benchmark for innovation and performance.

The key features of all three Cross It rackets

As you can see, each racket has its own unique features and is designed in its own way to suit different styles and approaches on court. However, there are some elements included in all three that we should give a special mention:

  • Eleven 13: A restructured hole pattern elevates the racket's durability and power capacity. Featuring smaller holes than usual and concentrated at the center of the head, this configuration enhances both consistency and rigidity in this crucial area.
  • Extra power grip: A lengthier grip distinguishes these rackets. This design choice concentrates the racket's balance towards the head, enabling increased inertia and elevating performance specifically for powerful shots.
  • Dynamic Air Flow: Welcome to the new realm of padel aerodynamics! This cutting-edge technology minimizes air resistance around the racket's neck, amplifying shot execution speed, particularly for the most powerful strokes.

In conclusion, the Cross It series presents a compelling lineup of rackets, each tailored to cater to varying playing styles and preferences. Whether you prioritize power, control, or agility, there's a racket in this collection designed to elevate your performance on the padel court. Keep an eye out on the Padel Ground blog for more updates about other rackets with the latest collection.

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