Metalbone 2024: Rackets made for top level players, including Lorena Rufo

Metalbone 2024: Rackets made for top level players, including Lorena Rufo

The Metalbone range of padel rackets have become synonymous with success thanks to Ale Galan’s remarkable form in recent years. The Madrid-based adidas player will carry on his association with the Metalbone range in 2024, as he takes to court with the Metalbone 3.3 and Metalbone HRD+.

But there is much more to the range than the rackets made for Ale Galan. Within the 2024 collection, there are in fact eight rackets. Having looked at the Metalbone 3.3 and the Metalbone HRD+ in a previous post, today we will look at the rest of the range, and discover there is a racket for every player, no matter what sort of game style they prefer.

Metalbone CTRL 3.3: The new racket for Lorena Rufo

The Metalbone CTRL 3.3 embodies cutting-edge technology designed to amplify your controlled gameplay. This racket seamlessly transitions from offering precise control to delivering powerful shots with finesse. It is the racket that will be used by adidas player Lorena Rufo in 2024 and is tailored for players who seek optimal performance.

Its Weight & Balance System technology renders it adaptable—whether for precise control or a more aggressive style, catering to individual player needs. The Octagonal Structure core ensures top-notch rigidity, fortified by the Carbon Aluminized 2 to 1 fiber surface. With EVA Soft Performance rubber for enhanced ball reactions and the Spin Blade Decal for perfected spin, this racket redefines on-court versatility.

Metalbone Carbon: Options for attack and control

Within the latest range, there are two Metalbone Carbon rackets, with options that will appeal for advanced padel players who enjoy an attacking game, or ones who seek a more controlled approach to their game on court. Before we look at what differentiates the Metalbone Carbon 3.3and the Metabone Carbon CTRL, let’s see the technology that makes both rackets ones for top-level players.

For power and durability, both rackets feature Octagonal Structure and Structural Reinforcement. To work in some effects such as spin into your game, they both have Spin Blade Decal, a 3D relief on the surface of the racket to increase the spin in the shot. In addition, the Smart Holes Curve technology means the arrangement of the holes is specially designed to facilitate the effect of all your shots.

But what in their design makes them different? Well, as a racket designed for a more attaching approach, the Metalbone Carbon 3.3 has a Diamond Oversize head, with the sweet spot located at the top end of the racket. This allows you to get some extra power into your shots. In addition, the balance of the racket is in the head, which allows some extra force as you swing your arm behind the ball. On the other hand, the Metalbone Carbon CTRL has a rounded head with the sweet spot in the center of the racket. The balance, being in the middle, allows for a naturally more controlled style when on court.

Metalbone Team: Your on-court companion

Similar to the Metalbone Carbon rackets, within the Metalbone Team options, there are two rackets, one for those who like a more controlled game and one for others who prefer to go on the attack.

The Metalbone Team Light stands out as a high-performance racket designed with advanced players in mind who like to dominate their matches through control and precision. Its lightweight construction offers enhanced maneuverability without compromising power. The more control style is achieved through the round head and the balance of the racket found in the middle of the racket. Shot power is achieved through cutting-edge technologies like the Octagonal Structure and Structural Reinforcement. Crafted with a blend of Fiber Glass and EVA Soft Performance rubber, the racket strikes an optimal balance. The inclusion of Spin Blade Gritt, a textured surface layer, maximizes spin potential while the strategic arrangement of Smart Holes Linear further refines shot precision for players seeking an edge in their game.

Meanwhile, the Metalbone Team 3.3 rises to meet every challenge on the court. Crafted for elite players, it serves as an ideal weapon for aggressive gameplay thanks to the Diamond Oversize head and the balance of the racket at the top. Its Octagonal Structure and Structural Reinforcement technologies deliver unmatched rigidity, enhancing its prowess in attacking maneuvers. Featuring a surface crafted from fiberglass and an interior layered with EVA Soft Performance rubber, this racket achieves optimal balance. The Spin Blade Gritt's textured surface, combined with the strategic layout of Smart Holes Curve, grants an exceptional spin-generating capability that sets it apart from the rest.

Metalbone Youth 3.3: For the future stars of padel

Tailored for budding padel enthusiasts with a bright future in our game, the Metalbone Youth 3.3 racket is meticulously crafted to support young players' growth in the sport. Fueled by the Octagonal Structure and Structural Reinforcement technologies, this racket boasts exceptional rigidity crucial for mastering powerful shots. Its blend of EVA Soft Performance rubber and Fiber Glass ensures a comfortable grip and superior handling. This racket is purpose-built to accompany children on their padel journey, excelling in both initial learning stages and more advanced gameplay, making it an ideal companion for their evolving skills in the world of padel.

Metalbone has once again come up trumps with high-quality rackets for all sorts of players in this latest collection. For young and old, newcomers to advanced players, there is an option for everyone. Keep an eye out on this blog for more news about the 2024 collection, and how the adidas players fare on court in the next months with their new equipment.




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